Getting married abroad on a budget

Mention weddings abroad and a lot of people think it’s quite an extravagant thing to do. In actual fact, holding your wedding abroad can be a lot cheaper than getting married at home.

Weddings abroad often mean less guests, less fuss, therefore less financial outlay. Having said that, getting married abroad can be as lavish as you want, but if you’re on a strict budget for your wedding abroad you’d be surprised at what you can get for your money and how far you can make it go.

The average UK wedding now costs £11,000 upwards. You can have a luxurious wedding abroad for just a fraction of that cost. Believe it or not it’s possible to have a fantastic wedding abroad for £2,000 or even less, depending on where you go. Popular budget wedding destinations are Las Vegas, New York, Italy, Turkey and Cyprus.

Budgeting for your wedding abroad

The most important factor in keeping costs down for a wedding abroad is to make a budget and stick to it.

Remember to factor in the cost of transport and accommodation. Don’t forget the cost of the ceremony abroad and any legal arrangements. There’s also the cost of wedding outfits and then any extras such as photos, cakes and flowers. There are special packages available for weddings abroad which will cover all or most of these things.

You should also seriously think about insurance for your wedding abroad and budget accordingly for this.

Staying on track

Now you have a budget for your wedding abroad, here are some ways to keep it under control.

One of the many things that make getting married abroad cheaper, is that there is less pressure to hold the ‘perfect’ wedding. Many destinations for weddings abroad lend themselves well to a simple wedding without the fuss and stress of a traditional wedding.

One of the fears that many couples wishing to get married abroad have is that they will have to pay for their family and friends to join them for their ceremony abroad. Not many people seriously expect this and, if you give them enough warning, plenty of people will be more than happy to save up and attend your wedding abroad as part of their annual holiday. Many people these days also have a party for their friends and family when they return from their wedding abroad.

Although there are a lot of reasonable wedding co-ordinators to help you organise your marriage abroad, you can shave even more off an already reasonable bill if you do as much as you can yourself. You can shop around for some excellent deals these days to book your own travel and accommodation.

If you don’t feel up to doing everything yourself, have a look at some of the wedding abroad packages available. Some of these are extremely reasonable and can be a real time and stress saver as well. They will often cover all aspects of your wedding abroad, such as travel accommodation, photos, flowers, legalities and other extras.

Some hotels and resorts will offer you a special wedding package. This might include a fancy suite, champagne or other gestures. Think about if it’s really worth it though.

Think about the timing of your wedding abroad. Peak season is between April and October and times like Christmas and New Year. Avoid these and you can bag an even better deal