Weddings Abroad: A Practical Guide

More and more people are choosing to get married abroad. And it’s not surprising with the growing number of destinations and package options available.

Once upon a time a wedding abroad usually meant a small beach wedding. While that is still an option, there are many other much more unusual choices available. There’s something for everyone, such as a lakeside ceremony in Italy or even tying the knot on the ski slopes.

Holding your wedding abroad is also often less hassle and cheaper than a big wedding here with over loads of guests.

Before you pack your bags however, there are some practicalities you need to bear in mind when planning a wedding abroad.  

The legalities

Different countries have different legal requirements and it’s essential that you research these thoroughly well in advance of your departure. Some countries require, for example, that you have been resident for a certain period before the ceremony.

Your best bet is to contact the relevant embassy of your chosen destination. They will be able to tell you of any requirements or necessary documentation.

Beach wedding


Once you have booked your wedding, make sure you get a contact name from the venue. If you are holding you wedding abroad you won’t have as much control over the plans as you might at home (a bonus for many-less work!). Being able to contact someone at the venue will help you feel more involved in the plans, and your contact will be able to quickly answer any queries you may have.


Make sure you look into any possible jabs you may need well in advance and get these organised. In some cases you may need to take medical certificates with you as well. It is best to visit your GP to check these things.

Plan B

For weddings abroad, it is common to get married outside. If you are jetting off to a sunnier climate you have a better chance of fine weather than in the UK! However, best laid plans and all that. Sometimes the weather doesn’t hold up. This doesn’t have to ruin your day though. Speak to the organiser/venue about this in advance and try to arrange an indoor alternative just in case, if you agree it’s necessary.

Fitting in

Research the customs and lifestyle of the country where you are getting married. This will help you feel more comfortable on arrival and will ensure you avoid any faux pas which may offend the locals!

Obvious but…

Please please please check your passports are in date well in advance and remind your guests! The most obvious things are often the most overlooked.

It is worth seriously considering getting insurance for your wedding abroad. At the very least it is strongly advisable to get travel insurance.

Last but not least: Congratulations! And enjoy your wedding abroad, wherever you decide to go.